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Beacon Hill Mechanical Contracting & Service provides Fort McMurray and the entire RMWB Wood Buffalo region top quality heating and HVAC maintenance services for home owners and commercial businesses. Here is a short list of maintenance activities we will do for you but some things you may be able to complete yourself:

Filters: Inspecting, cleaning or replacing your HVAC systems central air filter on a monthly basis will ensure optimal static pressure and air flow of your HVAC unit which you require to run at optimal performance to keep energy costs down. Air filters capture debris and contaminants, so they become loaded with airborne contaminants very quickly which will diminish your HVAC units efficiency. Have a look at the manufacturers specifications and adhere to the recommendations to keep your heating and cooling units running nicely, energy cost down and your warranty current.

Gasses and lubricant: Refrigerant is the lifeblood of a commercial forced air HVAC system and is also used in residential home air conditioning systems. The compressor could become damaged and lose cooling capacity if the coil freezes up which will happen if the unit runs too low on refrigerant. Give our qualified technician a call to help you troubleshoot the system to determine if there is a refrigerant leak that should be repaired. Always check compressor oil levels on units that have a means to view it.

Economizers: Inspect economizers on an annual basis to determine if the dampers, actuator and sensors are working properly. Electrical connections and ventilation settings should also be tested and confirmed.

Diffusers: Re-balance diffuses annually to reflect changes in the way the building space is being utilized since conditioned areas are continually re-purposed, which changes occupancy rates and the total load.

Condenser and Evaporator Coils: The evaporator and condenser coils play a critical role in the heat exchange process, so they should be cleaned at least once a year. Since the condensing coil is exposed to the outside elements it very important to keep it clean and clear of debris and also remove viable contaminants if you can. At Beacon Hill Mechanical, our service includes treating coils with an antimicrobial fluid to inhibit the growth of mold, fungi and other biological agents after the cleaning service has been done.

Belts, Bearings, Pulleys and Motors: These are critical parts that must be inspected and lubricated at least once a year. You will want to ensure belts are tensioned properly as belt slippage can result in uneven and poor performance and An over tensioned belt can add unwanted wear and tear to the bearings and motor. Failing to lubricate the bearings regularly could result in overheating and seizing, which can damage the entire blower wheel assembly. Blower belts should be replaced once a year and more regularly if the HVAC system runs continuously.

Blower Wheel Motor and Housing: The blower wheel housing and motor are essential components in the air handler. A dirty blower wheels will create drag that will reduce the life of you HVAC the system because coils will freeze and cause reduced airflow, which adds considerable stress to the compressor. Keep up on cleaning the blower regularly and service the motor yearly.

Duct Cleaning and Repair: Duct-work ought to be inspected annually and cleaned every two years. Beacon Hill Mechanical plumbing and heating technicians will repair gaps, holes, breaches and loose connections in the duct work; a properly sealed air distribution system can save up to 20% on annual heating and cooling costs.

For your peace of mind, our Fort McMurray tradesman professionals hold journeyman plumbing, gasfitting, refrigeration, steamfitting and sheet metal trade tickets.