Fort McMurray Oilfield Service

Services: HVAC, Refrigeration, Gasfitting, Comissioning, Plumbing and plumbing underground
oilfields gas extraction Fort McMurray
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Chubbs & Company provides Fort McMurray and the entire Wood Buffalo and Oil Sands area with various top quality mechanical services for your oilfield, gas extraction locations.

Our Fort McMurray plumbing, heating and refrigeration professionals hold various industry certificates in plumbing, heating, refrigeration, gas-fitting, hydronics and offer a wide range of services including building and plant maintenance and 24 hour on-call emergency service.

Chubbs & Company's steam truck is used to wash equipment, buildings, well heads or can be used for any other application where a steam or wash is required such as prepping surfaces for commercial painting or cleaning sidewalks and parkades. The steam trailer is a cost effective solution for thawing underground plumbing pipes etc. We provide steam truck services in Fort McMurray and surrounding plant sites

We also take care of your sewer and septic. If your underground pipes become frozen, blocked or cracked we have the skills and experience to hydrovac the frozen ground, remove and replace underground pipes to get your water flowing. We have a wealth of experience in underground plumbing systems and we have been doing this type of work in Fort McMurray for years.

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